Key Individual Networks

Community consultation that is compatible with evidence-based partnership working needs to continually take the temperature of community opinion and identify emerging problems quickly. The way around this problem, advocated by ACPO, is to form a Key Individuals Network within your neighbourhoods.

A key individuals network (KIN) is a core group of local people who live, work or regularly pass through a neighbourhood. By the nature of their place or function in the local community, KIN members will be particularly in tune with the latest developments in their neighbourhoods. They are the people who can bring together the community intelligence we need to act on local concerns and provide reassurance to communities.

Every Safer Neighbourhood is in the process of establishing a stable network of 20 people to form their network. These individuals will provide community intelligence on a quarterly basis for each Safer Neighbourhood by completing a standard questionnaire once every quarter.

Some suggestions are provided in the official documentation in terms of suitable KIN members

However, this is guidance only and is not comprehensive. Work done by Bolton PCSOs has already suggested that young people, school headteachers, even milkmen/postmen could be key contacts. The most important thing to remember is that any KIN member must be in a position to make observations beyond their own immediate concerns.

A key person for anyone getting started and keen to find out more about existing contacts and relationships in the community is Mandy Symes, Community Safety Development , on ext 65520. A significant amount of information around community engagement tools and resources is being developed for this website and you will be kept updated about this.