The Safer Neighbourhood Information & Performance System has been designed as a partnership resource to inform all Be Safe members on a monthly basis of volume crime and incident counts by safer neighborhoods areas. The data is sourced directly from Greater Manchester Police’s live tactical database and therefore represents an unaudited set of data. Care must be taken in comparing this dataset with published figures.

However, the main aim of the application is to provide up to data information to enable very local level resource decision to made and to assist the in the deployment of safer neighbourhood agenda.

All information in this application is provided with the usual caveats relating to Data Protection, Human Rights and Freedom of Information legislation. As the application only provides aggregated data and a tracking function, this should ensure compliance. By accepting the caveats on the main screen and logging into the system you are formally agreeing to abide by the legislation.

The crime an incident data provided in this application is from a live unaudited source. Care must be taken in comparing result generated from the system with audited counts of crime. The information within this application is designed to provide support in terms of deployment and resource allocation at a very local level. The application is primarily a low level ‘live’ tracker tool based on monitoring performance towards pre set targets.