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Insecure Burglaries

Keeping your home safe from opportunistic thieves who will sneak in through an open or unsecured door or window to steal goods is easy. We can all play our part in reducing these types of crime - insecure burglaries - by taking just a minute to make sure we lock doors and windows when we leave the house - or even when we are pottering around at the bottom of the garden or upstairs.

Almost 31% of burglaries, in 2005/06, involved elements of insecurity which is about 750 offences. Insecure burglaries were at their peak in July and June which supports the commonly held notion that insecurities primarily happen in the summer months due to warm weather and people leaving windows and doors open. The number of offences was also high in December and January when entry points would most likely be closed but perhaps unlocked.

The majority of victims of insecure burglary were aged between 36 and 50, followed by those aged 26 to 35. Together these age groups accounted for over 50% of insecure burglaries in Bolton. With only 15% of victims being aged 66 and over. this helps refute the commonly held view the majority of insecurities are usually experienced by elderly people.

The main types of property stolen in insecure burglaries are cash, handbags, wallets and mobile phones. There is no real difference in the average value of cash stolen dependant on the age range of the victims: the average cash value for victims 26 to 35 was £142, compared with £125 for victims aged 36 to 50 and £144 for victims aged over 66 years.