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Off-Road Biking

The use of off-road bikes causes major concerns from the public in terms of antisocial behaviour and personal safety. Bikes have been driven around estates, waste land and playing fields which can led to serious injuries. The issue can cause both noise and environmental pollution which impacts on resident’s quality of life. The Police reform Act 2002 provides the police with the powers to address the problems caused by off-road. When bikes are being ridden in a manner that causes alarm distress or annoyance a police officer has the power to issue a warning and may seize the vehicle. The police are using off-road bikes to combat the problem. Targeting the main hotspot areas and a number of bikes have been removed and some of the mini-moto bikes have been crushed.

Off-road nuisance can be reported to Greater Manchester police by calling 0161 872 5050. Call are confidential and the intelligance will used to inform future operations.