BSafe Partnership Delivery Plan 2006/07

Note: A full version of the Delivery Plan is available on the Partner side of the site Reassuring and supporting communities

1.0 Review and agree mechanism for responding to “cleaner, greener” issues and improving satisfaction.

2.0 Emerging trends of ASB to be incorporated into monthly PBM and 4 geographical Local Action Plan documents

3.0 Detailed safer neighbourhood profiles should be produced firstly for those areas experiencing the greatest volume of ASB ie. Great Lever, Westhoughton, Deane & Willows, Brownlow Fold, Breightmet North and Tonge Moor and these areas should receive the highest level of response from all partner agencies.

4.0 The SN profiles (see above) should also include details on repeat locations and effective management of these problems should be put in place.

5.0 Priorities criminal damage, focusing resources in identified priority safer neighbourhoods

6.0 Review existing opportunities to gather community intelligence through consultation and other engagement processes.

Young People

7.0 Maximise the preventative opportunities afforded by Bolton’s Information Sharing and Assessment System (ISA) to universal, targeted and specialist services dealing with children and young people

8.0 Embed an evidence-based, neighbourhood level theme group approach to all issues affecting young people.

9.0 Develop a business case that explores the link between adult PPOs and the impact of their offending on their children

10.0 Develop a business case that explores the possible introduction of a restorative justice option / recorded ‘outcome’ vis-à-vis the requirement to close the justice gap

Drugs and Alcohol

11.0 Street Level Up Approach to Market Disruption (SLUA)

12.0 Education and Support

13.0 Alcohol

Offender Management

14.0 Review of the PPO strategy

15.0 Violent Crime

16.0 Burglary and Vehicle Crime