What is Neighbourhood Policing?

Policing that moves away from the traditional notions of policing simply by consent or peoples passive acquiescence, to policing with proactive engagement and co-operation of communities. This means providing dedicated policing teams at a local community level that provides an accessible presence to the public. A key factor will be the partnership element of the delivery of this new local level service. The three guiding themes are:

Neighbourhood policing needs to be firmly based on current partnership organizational strategy and managed within mainstream policing activity. Resource deployment needs to reflect local conditions and be flexible and adaptive whilst being firmly based on evidence and intelligence enshrined within the National Intelligence Model.

Effective engagement is crucial working directly with local people identifying problems and influencing local policing priorities. Local problem solving needs to be in conjunction with partners and with the community.

Any change in the way our communities are policed must also be subject to a rigorous performance management framework making partners at all levels accountable for their actions.