Bolton’s Local Area Agreement

Bolton’s Local Agreement has been developed by Bolton Vision (the Local Strategic Partnership) and agreed with Government Office.

The agreement is the action plan for the progression of Bolton’s Community Strategy, which sets an unambiguous vision for Bolton :

“to be a great place to grow up, live, learn, work, do business and visit, so that the potential of each person, each community and the Borough as a whole can be realised”

This Vision is coupled with the main aims of the Community Strategy which is to regenerate our communities.

The agreement covers the period April 2006 to March 2009 and contains the outcomes, indicators and targets to be achieved by the Local Strategic Partnership over this period which are aimed at improving Bolton’s community and the quality of life of its people.

The Local Area Agreement incorporates the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy which, amongst other priorities, aims to narrow the gap in inequalities between the more affluent and deprived areas of the Borough.

The agreement will be refreshed annually which will enable changes in national or local priorities to be reflected.

The agreement will give Bolton Council and it’s partners the flexibility to find local solutions to local problems, and to prioritise spending to achieve the outcomes identified.

Incorporated into Bolton’s LAA is Bolton’s local public service agreement, which was agreed between Bolton Council, its key partners and central government in 2005.

The public service agreement contains a package of performance targets with financial incentives designed to help deliver improvements to services. These targets, which attract a financial reward if they are achieved, are clearly identified in the Local area agreement. (However, there is a link on this page to enable viewing of the local public service agreement as a separate document).

The LAA will present challenges to the Vision partners over the next three years and they will be working closely together with Bolton’s communities to ensure that the needs of local people are met by delivering the priority outcomes which have been identified in the agreement.