Violent crime

tackling violent crime is an important aspect of building safer local communities and can help improve people’s quality of life in the borough. BSafe have identified a sustained reduction in the harm caused by drugs and alcohol as a priority outcome.

Profile of Violent Crime

Bolton Town Centre is the main hotspot for violent crime in the borough, with 22% of offences happening at this location. Offences tended to cluster around the main licensed premises and 75% of offences happened between 2000hrs and 0500hrs. Most of the offences happened on Friday and Saturday night pointing to alcohol being an influencing factor.

The last year there was increase in public order offences. More serous violent offences decreased including wounding, grievous bodily harm and common assault offences. The overall trend in violent crime is upward because public order offences are rising more steeply than assaults are declining.


The past twelve months (2005/06 financial year) have seen a number of initiatives operating to tackle violent crime in Bolton. Overall direction was provided by the tackling violent crime project, which used a multi-agency approach to address violence related problems. Its action play included a general strategy for the borough, and separate sections aimed at domestic violence, antisocial behaviour and alcohol abuse.

A number of projects were implemented to address violent crime including multi-agency enforcement visits to premises, CCTV monitoring, late night transport initiatives, targeted police initiatives, media and publicity work, and initiatives relating to domestic violence.

More information is available on the Home Office Website regarding Violent Crime and measures being taken to tackle Alcohol related offences, Domestic Violence and Antisocial behaviour.