Volume Crime

In the Greater Manchester area there are ten Crime and Disorder Partnerships (CDRPs) which are linked to the ten metropolitan councils. Bolton is performing well compared to the other CDRPs in the Greater Manchester area and overall had the largest decrease in all police recorded crime (4%) and British Crime Survey (BCS) comparator crimes (8%) between the 2004/05 and 2005/06 financial years. The types of crime represented in the BCS comparator crimes category are the main offences that impact directly on peoples’ lives. The chart below shows that three of the other ten Greater Manchester CDRPs experienced a reduction in total recorded crime and five of the areas had a decrease in BCS comparator crimes.


The British Crime Survey indicates that since 1995 crime has been reducing in England and Wales. Over the last three financial years Bolton has experienced a decrease in the types of crime that directly impact on resident’s lives (British Crime Survey comparator crimes). One measurement of crime is crimes per 1000 population which allows comparisons to be made between different size cities and towns. The chart below presents data that illustrates changes in crimes per 1000 population in the ten Greater Manchester boroughs over the last three financial years, 2003 to 2006. The chart shows that Bolton has experienced a reduction in levels of crime across the three years. Most CDRPs across Greater Manchester saw a drop in the level of crime between the financial years 2003/04 and 2004/05. However, in five of the CDRPs crime rose again over the subsequent financial year.


Last financial year in Bolton, crime levels reduced in seven of the ten individual crime categories. The chart below shows that Bolton performed positively compared to the North West region and Greater manchester crime trends. The crime fluctuations in Bolton over the 2005/06 financial year are provided on a chart below with key changes decribed.


Main Trends 2005/06.

Bolton has performed well compared to other Greater Manchester CDRPs. However, the type sof offences that have risen in the last finacial year were wounding and criminal damage. These issues can have a substantial impact on resident’s quality of life and teh BSafe partnership agencies are working together to create safer public places.